Specialised Victim Support member benefits include a bundle of “SVS” services to assist in the aftermath of an incident up to the value of R30 000, in the event that a subscriber becomes involved in a contact crime.

This includes support to the victim through the police and investigative process, funding data analytics, liaising with the investigating officer and assistance in managing the incident.


Specialised Victim Support (SVS) is the technical support of victims of a violent crime through the investigation, arrest, trial and conviction phases of the criminal justice process, to ensure that justice is effectively executed. SVS then extends to parole and re-integration of the perpetrators. In other words SVS supports the victim through the police and investigation process, funds data analysis, liaises with the investigating officer and assists in managing the incident from the victim’s side. SVS is based on 18 years of experience, and the codifying of 10 years of evidenced-based analytics and SVS learnings.

A critical component of SVS is not just the victim support process, but the resultant analytics that allow us to build a comprehensive picture of the eco-system, incidents, timelines, patterns etc that allow us to engage the authorities and other role players to respond, build preventative interventions, manage the risks down but also assist in investigation and apprehension. 


Essentially, SVS follows a systemic process through the crime timelines of what needs to be done, and when, with the aim of ensuring a successful outcome to the case. The SVS platform uses time-clock case management with a specific focus on micromanagement of the processes that need to be followed. We bridge the gap between the authorities and private role-players and support authorities
as well as victims,  culminating in the success of the approach.


Services that will be rendered to the Subscriber post an Incident that occurred at the subscriber’s primary residence in the Republic of South Africa including a 10 m circumference of the boundary, and pertain to an At Home contract between the Subscriber and SACVIA


The South African Crime Victims Industry Association offers a monthly subscription whereby if a subscriber becomes the victim of a contact crime, SACVIA funds a bundle of Specialised Victim Support (“SVS”) services to assist in the aftermath of the incident up to the value of the policy limit. *This product is designed to be a supportive option extra to be taken out in addition to the AAA MVAC Package.