TrackBox is our technology that facilitates a quicker response to your emergency. We understand that seconds saves lives.

To be the premier, one-stop mobile technology emergency service provider by creating a platform for cross-service collaboration.

Reduce crime in South Africa and create a safer community, together.


Together SA CAN launched in January 2003 with the goal of uniting all emergency services role players into South Africa’s “911 emergency system”. We can now proudly say that we have a base of over 1.2 million members. Our strength is in our network of over 100 united organisations, each one experts’ in their field, across all services from SAPS, The Hawks, Metro Police, Security Companies, Fire and Rescue, Advanced Life support and Medical Services, Animal Welfare, Wildlife and Raptor Rescue (AWR), Flight Operations, Municipal Services, Crisis Centres, NGO’s, Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch.

This approach of not trying to replace, but rather tapping into the expertise of these professionals across all service spectrums, is what makes us successful.

About MDDR

MDDR (Mobile Device Data Recorder) is for tracking, tracing, and positioning for high-level priority crimes, hostage recovery and investigations in South Africa. MDDR is in partnership with the SAPS, The Hawks and Crime Intelligence.

TrackBox uses the MDDR system which is like an aircraft data recorder (black box) and is only used for high level investigation and life-saving intervention purposes. By accessing your mobile device data recording, the collection of such information will assist and facilitate the investigation of high priority cases.