Join the ANYTHING! ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! (AAA) Response ERPC by registering online at Or please call 0861 623 646 and we will register you telephonically. You can create a profile and select the free or premium service, after which you will receive a welcome SMS with your username, password and a link to download the AAA Response App. You will also be sent a website link that contains various useful user guides and information.

The free option provides limited functionality in app, and includes a free speed dial to SAPS, while the premium version provides full functionality in app, as well as access to 100+ response organisations and thousands or responders.

Download TrackBox, activate the app, and in times of emergency turn your device into its own unique alert and tracking agent.


  • Member Vault: contact information, personal items & assets register, vehicles, animals, firearms & competencies and licence expiry notifications.
  • Emergency ID (Palmprint Biometrics): instantly provides the necessary immediate authorizations without having to make a call.
  • Record Audio: save audio files for later use.
  • Alerts & Mapping: add alerts and incident mapping.
  • AAA Panic Button (GPS & LBS): direct emergency calls to our ERPC Satellite Global Positioning System.
  • Call Me Panic Button: no airtime or data needed.
  • Call Me: send a “Call Me” to any of your contacts.
  • Reverse Track & Trace: activate live tracking, reverse track and trace.
  • Track Me: keep in touch when on the move.
  • Report: suspicious vehicles, persons, and perform vehicle checks.
  • TrackBox SNIPR ANPR: National Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
  • GPS Voice Note Reporting: record messages of up to 30 secs. Recordings are sent to the ERPC with your GPS position.
  • Geo-Fencing: organisations and personal areas of interest to ensure relevant personal communications, personalised services, billing and emergency operations management.
  • Radio System: encrypted international radio system for police & community operations.
  • IMICS: Incident Management & Information Capturing System for full case management.
  • ERPC: 24/7 International Emergency Response and Prevention Centre.
  • Mobile Device Data Recorder: MDDR assists and facilitates the investigation of missing persons, serious & violent crime, device anti-theft & recovery assistance
  • Missing: mass activate a search for missing family members.
  • Recoveri Microdot: National Microdot serial number checks.
  • 12 hour ERPC (Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) connect test: Checks to ensure that there is still a connection between the ERPC (Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) and the device.
  • App Health check: Checks login status & notifies user if app is logged out. Helps minimise accidental logouts and ensure service is running and ready to react in case of emergency.