Once I downloaded the app, it doesn’t open?

There could be a few things that could cause this to happen.

  1. Please always ensure that all permissions are accepted on your phone
  2. Please ensure that your cache has been cleared

If the issue persists please call our customer support number - 08616 23646

Can you please load my profile / register me telephonically?

Yes – TBX support staff can access IMICS and can load member profiles into IMICS while the member is on the phone.

The support staff  needs the caller’s  name, surname, cell number and date of birth to create a basic IMICS profile, and can click on https://members.trackbox.world/

When the profile is created, the member will receive an SMS with a username and password and link to press and download the App onto their phone

How do I download the app and how do I register in the app?

Join ANYTHING! ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! (AAA) MVAC Response ERPC by calling 0861 623 646 and we will assist you with registering telephonically, after which you will receive a welcome SMS with
your username, password and a link to download the AAA Response App. The SMS will include
a website link that contains various useful user guides and information.

If you would prefer, you can register yourself online at https://members.trackbox.world You can create a profile and select the free (NPO) or the Premium (AAA MVAC Response Management) package

Paddy Holdcroft

"So grateful to YOU ALL for just 'THE BEST' service. God bless you and the team. With love. - Paddy Holdcroft. XXA"

Katharina Brown

"Thank you for the continued support.  I have every confidence in you"

Shelly Mckerrow

"No problem at all we appreciate it so much THANK YOU!!!"

Judy Chamberlain

"Trackbox is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me recently. Regards a proud member, Judy Chamberlain"

Del Bircham

"Thank you! I have been a member since SACAN started at their first meeting where there were about 8 or 12 people we sat outside on the lawn of the house. I will always remain a member till I leave this earth. Don't use Facebook.  Have a lovely day."

Joyce Leverefe

"Thank you so much for your message and for keeping in touch. I appreciate having you there!"

Is SA CAN still a registered NPO?

Yes. SA CAN is a registered NGO with initiatives centring on community policing and support to SAPS and medical response teams.