MyVault allows a member to add very useful personal information to assist efficient response in the event of an incident. A user’s MyVault profile can be accessed by them online, or via the App on the user’s phone.

The user does not have to have the App or a MyVault profile to access the ERPC in an emergency, but a MyVault profile gives dispatchers immediate access to all relevant personal information to improve response time in the case of an emergency without wasting critical time trying to get this information from the user.

Examples of useful information in an emergency include:

  • Whether you are a medical aid member or not
  • Who your doctor is
  • Who in your family the ERPC can call in an emergency,
  • If your car is stolen, but its details (registration or VIN) or already in the system, this can immediately be flagged in an activation.
  • or if you and your car goes missing, the ERPC will know the details of vehicle.

All information stored in your profile is treated confidentially, is POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) compliant and is only accessed when managing safety and security incidents.

You may also delete or edit your My Vault profile at any time, and how much or how little you add is up to you

Fields in My Vault include:

  • Personal contact details
  • Personal characteristics
  • All relevant addresses
  • Medical Information, including medical aid, doctors, preferred hospitals etc
  • Driver’s license
  • Key relationships, dependents, key contacts
  • Personal items and assets
  • Vehicles: Photos and Scans of registrations, insurance information etc
  • Animals: identifying marks, microchips etc
  • Firearms, competencies and licenses
  • Document bank: wills, identity docs etc
  • Devices: all phones, tablets, and other devices with SIM cards