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Turn in a Poacher

Reporting Poaching

TrackBox Technologies and KZN Wildlife encourages any citizen who witnesses wildlife offences to report the violation. The effectiveness of officers to curb the activities of poachers is dependent upon US!

Witnesses are encouraged to report violations by calling Trackbox Technologies on 08616-87225 or by using your TrackBox App. You always have the choice to remain anonymous when reporting.


What Is Poaching?

Poaching is the illegal taking of or possession of animals: protected, threatened, or endangered wildlife species. Poachers have different motives for what they do. Some kill illegally for food, others strictly for a monetary profit. Some poach in order to secure what they consider to be valuable trophies. And a few individuals poach just for the thrill of seeing how many animals they can kill in a given time frame in competition with others. Poaching is a growing problem that occurs year-round. Regardless of the reasons, poaching is a serious crime that cannot be justified or condoned.


Poaching Repercussions:

It is not known exactly how many animals poachers kill, but it’s quite probable that they can illegally take just as many as legitimate hunters do in some areas during the regular hunting season.


What To Look For:

  • If you believe you have just witnessed a wildlife violation, gather all the necessary information to report.
  • Vehicle licence plate number, make, colour, model, year if known, general condition (4X4, camper/canopy, etc.).
  • Description of person(s) that committed the violation (sex, approximate age, race, hair colour, general build, name/address if known).
  • Type of violation, where and when it occurred (time, Game Management Unit if known, GPS coordinates, road junctions) and species involved.
  • Immediate reporting will significantly increase the ability of an officer to locate the violator while still in the field. Use your cell phone if you are in a coverage area.
  • Never confront a poacher.
  • Avoid getting too close to or examining a dead animal because such actions may contaminate the site and make an investigation difficult. Don’t disturb the crime scene.


Why Should You Report A Violation?

  • Poachers are thieves. Poaching steals the legitimate opportunity from those that correctly follow legal regulations. A true sportsman is safe, ethical, responsible, and legal. Poachers meet none of these
  • All poaching/violation reports are important. Wildlife officers routinely follow-up with individuals making reports to clarify and gather further information.
  • Given the size of officer patrol areas, we need your help to apprehend poachers. We depend upon help from the public. Together we can make a difference for the fish and wildlife resources of the state.
  • Poaching often occurs against protected species which places a major strain on the population and threatens the survival of the species.

Sharon Gumede (SA33)
TrackBox ERPC National & International