As the final mail in our series, this one focuses on the nag system. The TrackBox nag system has been designed to help ensure that all relevant information has been completed. Each time you open your TrackBox emergency app, the nag system checks whether your app is up to date, whether you have selected an ERPC (Emergency Response and Prevention Centre) and whether you have completed your personal information and will alert you if any of these are still outstanding.  Remember, if you do not select the correct ERPC (Emergency Response and Prevention Centre) and keep your information up to date, please expect delays during an emergency or calls for support.

From all of us at TrackBox we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your valuable support over the last several years in making this ground breaking and lifesaving application a reality. Thanks to your testing and use of the app, TrackBox has been able to be directly involved in co-ordinating the response to well over 100 000+ emergencies and has led to 1013 high level arrests. For more info visit

We are heading towards 1.5 million+ users strong with 242 ERPC’s helping to manage the network. We are connected to over 100+ different emergency services. Our ERPC (Emergency Response and Prevention Centre) Dispatchers deal with over 350+ emergencies or concerns every day and this makes us a large family community action network who together is able to live by our motto AAA – Anything, Anytime, Anywhere…

The Nag system checks for the following in order of priority:

  1. Version Check
  2. Is MDDR (Mobile Device Data Recorder) installed?
  3. Language Check
  4. Address Check
  5. Vehicle Check
  6. Emergency Contact Check
  7. Service Provider Check (Chosen ERPC)