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The TrackBox app has been running on a limited trial period for the past  several months whereby all users have been able to have access to the full premium functionality. This has allowed us to tap in to the now 20 500+ App Users and make sure South Africa is getting exactly what it needs, while harnessing technology to bring it all together in a ground-breaking way. In order for us to continue running this valuable service however, the time has now come to separate the full features from those members who are on the NPO free Emergency Response and Prevention Centre (ERPC) versions which will have limited use of the app.

The official cut-off will be effective from 28 July 2018. Any user who has not upgraded to the Premium membership will automatically be switched over to the NPO Free version of TrackBox while those who are already premium members will not be effected in any way.

The free NPO membership is limited in several ways, most prominent of which is that the emergency panic button becomes an automatic call to your selected ERPC or the SAPS dependant on the way your ERPC is set up. For a full list and comparison of services visit

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How to upgrade:

  1. In your TrackBox app, go to the Menu (three white lines at the top lefthand corner)
  2. Select UPGRADE
  3. Choose Premium
  4. 4. Select your Province
  5. Select our ERPC
  6. Complete your details
  7. Select Checkout and follow the prompts

Special Offer:

Upgrade before the 20th July 2018, Enter the coupon code (IPROTECH) and stand a chance to win an iProtech intelligent protection device to the value of R4999,00 plus a 6 months subscription to TrackBox Premium. For more information visit

Upgrade to TrackBox Premium and stand a chance to Win!!
Upgrade to TrackBox Premium and stand a chance to Win!!

If you require any assistance please contact our app support centre directly on 08616-23646 / 08616-ADMIN