SNIPR ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)


Vehicles are critical to the way criminal syndicates operate in South Africa. Transport gives criminals the freedom of mobility to operate wherever and whenever they choose, striking with speed, precision and force.

To prevent the further loss of life and property, we developed a collective ‘neutral, not-for- profit, anti-crime’ initiative to specifically target vehicles to detect and pre-empt criminal behaviour. This initiative is powered and managed by Together SA CAN NPO and is known as TrackBox SNIPR Suspicious Vehicle Checks.

All South Africans need to be empowered to act. They should be able to count on the fact that the information they receive and share is accurate, valid, and comes from a trusted source. This advanced function of TrackBox SNIPR can be compared to highly trained elite snipers who eliminate positively identified threats from a safe distance.

The TrackBox SNIPR Emergency App has a one-touch button feature that instantly checks all databases to see if a vehicle is stolen or wanted for an enquiry. Ultimately, the TrackBox SNIPR app enables every member of the public to participate nationally in adding to the database, while ensuring their own safety and anonymity.

TrackBox SNIPR Suspicious Vehicle Checks is a national collaboration of TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd, SNIPR ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), SAPS, The Hawks, Operational Command Centres, War Rooms, Crime Intelligence, Violent Crimes & Technology Support NPO (VCAT), Recoveri Microdot, Vehicle Tracking Companies, Security Companies, community crowdsourcing, and Emergency Response & Prevention Centre (EPRC).

To find out more about this Project Mustard Seed initiative and the TrackBox SNIPR Emergency App, download the BROCHURE HERE.