We are proud to announce the launch of our latest Community Service Project – Project Code Red, and we hope you will partner with us to make a difference.

On the 30th of November 2018, Netcare 911 officially launched their Bell 222 Helicopter Air Ambulance, a mobile intensive care unit dedicated to Kwazulu-Natal. The ‘Netcare 5’ is specialized to offer advanced life support services and will transport code red patients to hospitals in life saving time.

TrackBox Technologies & SA CAN NPO have committed to making sure that KwaZulu Natal makes a success of this initiative by Netcare 911 and would like to set a target of 15 lives saved per month by means of the ‘Netcare 5’ Helicopter.

In Addition, we are also going to be committing to a target of 15 lives saved in the combined area of Gauteng, Limpopo and North West by means of Netcare 911’s other 4 Helicopter Air ambulances which are dedicated to that area.

Our first life saved:
On the 1st of December, the very day after the Netcare 5 was launched in KwaZulu-Natal our ERPC Collaboration Network received a call about a serious motor vehicle collision on the M25 under the N2 bridge in Durban North. There were several injuries in the accident but 1 male in particular was found to be in critical condition and the Netcare 5 Helicopter was dispatched.

How you can get involved:
TrackBox Technologies and SA CAN NPO would like to invite you to get involved by helping in the following ways:

  • Spread the news about the ‘Netcare 5’ Ambulance so that the community is aware of the resources available in the event of an emergency. This will help prove the viability of such a machine in KwaZulu-Natal and ensure that it is put to full use.
  • Report Accidents or Emergencies to via your TrackBox app, or call to 08616-87225. SA CAN NPO will dispatch all necessary emergency service personal to the scene, including if need be the Netcare 5 Helicopter.
  • Spread the news about Project Code Red and help us see the lives of at least 15 people saved per month by means of the ‘Netcare 5’ Air Ambulance.