Mobile Device Data Recorder

With the occurrence of violent crimes at an all-time high and theft on the rise, you need to be prepared to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings. That’s where MDDR comes in to save the day – and potentially your life.

Ever wondered how your loved ones could come to your aid in an emergency situation if you weren’t able

to call for help yourself? Or vice versa? TrackBox have made it easier than ever with the Mobile Device Data Recording app. Using the same technology as in-flight aircraft data recorders, missing persons and hostages can be tracked through their mobile phones with this ground-breaking app. It is designed to support the TrackBox Emergency app.

The app also aids recovery of stolen mobile devices that have the app installed on them. The device essentially becomes a mobile ‘black box’ that allows us to trace its whereabouts and access data recordings that provide us with further valuable insight into it’s location – and the thieves themselves.

The Anti-Data Theft, Spyware and Privacy Protection feature has recently been added to the MDDR app and links to your user profile. You can protect your data and prevent hackers or individuals who are trying to illegally track you, spy on you or steal your passwords. This has become a necessary data protection measure with the increase of online banking, online shopping and smartphone location services.

Maybe you’re excited about the potentially life-saving benefits this app could provide you and your loved ones with, but you’re worried about your privacy. While it can be scary to allow data of such a personal nature to be accessed and recorded, our number one priority is to ensure all data is secure. The potential benefits certainly outweigh the fear of sharing personal information.

Our authorisation process is rigorous, with 6 steps required before access is granted for a fixed time period only. The steps must be repeated for full access to be granted. Your data will at no point be released to your emergency contacts or the general public – it remains completely confidential.


  1. An emergency call to the Emergency Response and Prevention Centre (ERPC) is initiated by a customer or a nominated emergency contact.
  2. The Violent Crimes & Technology Support NPO (VCAT) agent will retrieve the victims emergency contacts and call each one until they get through to one.
  3. While on the line, they will ask if the contact is willing to authorise the unlocking of the MDDR app on the victim’s phone for high level tracking and data retrieval.
  4. If they agree, the VCAT agent sends an OTP to the emergency contact and to the National Duty Officer.
  5. While on the phone, the VCAT agent enters the OTP that was sent to the emergency contact and gets the authorization from the National Duty Officer.
  6. After entering both OTPs, a case is opened and the VCAT agent can unlock the MDDR app on the victim’s phone and view live and historically recorded data.

This pioneering tracking technology will only be used in high level investigations and for life-saving intervention purposes, as well as stolen cell phone recovery. The collection of mobile device data will assist and facilitate the investigation of:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Abductions
  • Armed Home and Business Robbery
  • Hijacking
  • Hostage Situations
  • Missing Persons Cases
  • Serious and Violent Crimes
  • Vehicle Accidents & Reconstruction
  • Mobile Device Anti-Theft and Recovery
  • Anti-Data Theft, Spyware and Privacy Protection.