Together SA CAN NPO Finances

Meeting Held at SA CAN HQ - 2019-05-17 BPD

SA CAN NPO Finances:

1. Workmen's Compensation for all SA CAN employees - accounts department to investigate

2. VCAT NPO Air Support Service - ledger accounts opened and payments allocated.

3. VCAT Motor Vehicle expenses - ledger accounts reviewed. Accounts to go through and allocate fuel, tolls, maintenance and other.

4. Meeting held with Marwick and Company. Resolutions taken:
a. Marwick & Co. appointed as Chartered Accountants fo SA CAN NPO
b. Marwick mandated to register SA CAN NPO for VAT.
c. Marwick also mandated to carry out the 2019 public audit.
d. Loan from TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd to SA CAN NPO of R142k is slowly being paid back.

5. VCAT-7 Operatives Platform
a. Cost of development stands at R830k.
b. 65 days of development have been completed so far at a direct labour cost of R12,000 per day for the team of five: Project Manager, Creative Design & Graphics, Software Architect, Senior Application and Software Engineers.
c. R95k has been paid towards the R830k debt.
d. R735k is therefore outstanding to TrackBox Technologies.
e. This will be invoiced as and when the NPO has funds available.
f. it must be noted that the direct cost going forward will be invoiced at the normal rate of R400k/21 days = R19,000 per day of R2,375 per hour will be charged or part thereof.
g. The asset value is 'cost of development x4' which is a normal client charge before maintenance cost.
h. The VCAT-7 Operative's platform stands at a value of R3,320,000
i. However, SARS requires the technology to depreciate over 24 months so this will not be added as an asset.
j. Lastly, three more months of development have been commissioned (1 May to 31 July).

6. Crime Intelligence & The Hawks - anonymous donors.
a. A ledger account has been set up for 'CH&H Anonymous Donors' who wish their contributions to be used only for CI and The Hawks Operations, equipments purchases, data and general support for priority matters.

7. Telephone:
a. Accounts to move the cell phones and telephones that TrackBox is funding in the SA CAN NPO. JD tasked with moving the contracts that are being used out of TrackBox to SA CAN NPO as and when they come up for renewal.

8. General
a. Staff:
i. All VCAT NPO staff have achieved PSIRA A Grade.
ii. Ongoing training is being carried out by The Hawks, CI and NetCare 911.

b. Thank you:
i. KZN Wildlife for making their facilities available to VCAT and ERPC Dispatchers in the ongoing teamwork and collaboration in all reserves. All Directors and staff are so appreciative of this kindness. We want the public to know how much the Dispatchers, CI, The Hawks, Rangers, Honorary Officers and security agencies are really achieving incredible results against all odds. It is also a reminder that we can all do something to contribute.

c. Next meeting:
i. To hold a few bi-weekly meetings in order to catch up on the outstanding tasks, especially with communication back to the public.

Some key points for the next meeting are:

ii. VCAT Air Support Services
iii. PSAP NPO (Public Safety Answering Point) Victim Operations.
iv. SACVIA (South Africa Crime Victim Industry Association)
v. Project Mustard Seed
vi. Financial Report with Adjustments.

Meeting was closed at 11:30

Downloadable PDF of Full Meeting and Financials - Click Here

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The SA CAN / TrackBox Journey thus far:

The South African Community Action Network (SA CAN NPO) was launched in 2003 as ‘Generation 1’ in answering the call from Government to community action, and over the years we have pioneered the way forward for community integrated policing with local, provincial, national and international response networks. We purpose designed our technology and thinking around crime reduction strategies all while doing this with tunnel-vision heart and soul passion.

No matter how tough, we have stayed focused. While we can’t deny that it has taken blood, sweat and tears to arrive all these years later on the top of our first mountain, it has been the most amazing journey and we have found that now arriving at ‘Generation 10’, we have really only arrived at the starting line.

With ‘Generation 6’ in 2016 we saw the need to slowly work towards bringing our technology requirements in house and set up an all-round technology development company and so TrackBox Technologies was born. TrackBox Technologies is made up of a passionate team of handpicked software developers each with best in class abilities and their own natural gifts for development within the space of saving lives. This was a team that wanted to venture where no others have gone before…

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