‘Project Mustard Seed will be the next chapter in the national War Room’s book of successes…
Faith in each other and our partnerships will drive victory.'
- Brian Jones, CEO & Founder of SA CAN -

SA CAN launched Project Mustard Seed in March 2016. The 6-month project was created on behalf of SA CAN’s members and was aimed at assisting the SAPS and The Hawks with the apprehension of South Africa’s most violent criminals. Due to the remarkable success of this project, it was extended for a further six months.

Recently, Project Mustard Seed was extended again. The project will run until the financial year-end of SA CAN NPO (Violent Crimes & Technology Support) — 1 June 2018.

At SA CAN we value partnerships, community networking, technology, and the most valuable component: human connection!

Project Mustard Seed is a continuous collaborative effort between TrackBox Users, SAPS, Crime Intelligence, The Hawks, Operation Command Centres, War Rooms, K9 Unit, thirty-nine 10111 Centres, Snipr, Recoveri Microdot, ProtectaDNA, Together SA CAN NPO and TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

We know there is no quick-fix solution to the crime problem South Africa faces, but this project is one of the best community based solutions currently available.


  • 1 Missing - Family
  • 50 Missing Persons (By Specialised SAPS Units)
  • 2 Missing Person - Suicide
  • 2 Hijacking (one-month- old Siwaphiwe Mbambo)
  • 42 Armed Robbery
  • 181 Armed Robbery Business
  • 117 Armed Robbery House
  • 45 Armed Robbery House - Rural (Farm Attacks)
  • 1 Arson
  • 14 ATM Crime
  • 7 Attempted Murder
  • 62 Cash-in- transit Heist
  • 2 Counterfeit Licenses
  • 154 Drugs Offences
  • 25 Escape from Custody
  • 9 Extortion
  • 38 Fraud
  • 7 Handling Stolen Goods
  • 238 Hijacking
  • 5 Housebreaking
  • 5 Human Trafficking
  • 55 Kidnapping
  • 12 Malicious Damage
  • 4 Missing Person
  • 268 Murder
  • 241 Poaching
  • 12 Rape/Sexual Assault
  • 8 Stock Theft
  • 28 Theft
  •  309 Vehicles classified ‘Priority 1 Red Code’ - on the ‘wanted’ list

The data in this article was aggregated from incoming and outgoing emergency calls during the period of March 10, 2016 to 1 September 2018. These insights are purely based on our internal data and do not reflect the entire usage of TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd or SA CAN NPO services and nor does TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd or SA CAN NPO warrant the accuracy or completeness of such data, and all derivative conclusions or assumptions are those of the readers.

We are very proud of Project Mustard Seed’s teamwork achievements and we encourage all South Africans to get involved by downloading the free TrackBox App. In doing so, users will play an active part in the war on crime in South Africa.